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Maximilian Biography


Maximilian (Massimiliano Esposito) was born in Milan, Italy, on December 17, 1969.


As a child, he developed an early passion for drawing and painting. He attended the "Liceo Artistico", a secondary school devoted to art-related topics, graduating in 1988.


His early artworks, which he termed "Gothic", represent dreamscapes populated with fantastic and mythological characters inspired by traditional European fables. In 1992, he discovered mural art and completed a series of commissions for private apartments and institutions in Milan and the surrounding area, which allowed him to express his talent for theatrical effects and perspectives.


This phase reached its peak in 1994 when, aged 24, he headed to New York City for the start of a new adventure. In the Big Apple, he came across a restaurant called "Trompe-l’oeil", named after the art technique that uses realistic imagery to create 3-D optical illusions. Intrigued by the name of the establishment, he introduced himself to the owner, who promptly hired him to repaint the walls and ceiling of the restaurant.


Later that year, he returned to Italy to begin a new chapter of his professional life, becoming a devoted practitioner of yoga, which he taught in Milan until 2012, in addition to participating in a series of prestigious international events.


Most recently, he has felt the urge to return to his artistic roots. Having moved to Paris to broaden his horizons, he devoted himself first to photography, then rediscovered the pleasure of drawing, illustration and painting.


Since 2013, he was worked at a prolific pace, completing several murals and a series of illustrations, many of them in black and white. Having reconciled his two key passions, he likes to describe the practice of yoga as an art form, and painting as a sort of discipline and meditation.


Art exhibitions

  • "Empowerment, Violence and Gender Equality", Virtual Art Exhibition;  . Juin, 2021.

  • "Movement" (Virtual Art Exhibition) Tebbs Contemporary Art Gallery; . March/April, 2021.

  • "All of the Light", Treat Gallery New York (Online Art Exhibition); . USA, February, 2021

  • "Immemory on Covid-19", International Online Art Exhibition; . December, 2020.

  • "Artoze International art Exhibition/August 2020" (Virtual Art Exhibition, go to minute 6.28):  . EAU, 2020.

  • "ArtBasel Artweeks/Artbox Project Miami" (Virtual Art Exhibition). Miami, USA, 2019.

  • "No Wall . Just Great Art Show"; Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery (Online Art Gallery), Newkirk, USA, 2019.

  • "Trame dell'immaginario"; Palazzo Marliani Cicogna. Busto Arsizio, Italy, 2019

  • "Artist of the Year 2019"The Mall Galleries. London, UK, 2019.

  • "Biancoscuro Art Contest"; Monaco/Monte-Carlo, 2018

  • "La Forma dello Spazio"Archivio Lazzaro by Corsi. Milano, Italy, 2018.

  • "Artisti Europei"Galleria Immagini. Cremona, Italy, 2018.

  • "DDessin"Atelier Richelieu. Paris, France, 2017.

  • "Les Chambres du petit garçon"; Galerie KO21 (personal art exhibition). Paris, France, 2017.

  • "Les Ateliers de Menilmontant" (personal art exhibition). Paris, France, 2016.

  • "Summer Art Expo Rome". Roma, Italy, 2016.

  • "DDessin"; Atelier Richelieu. Paris, France, 2016 ( )

  • "Salon d'Art Contemporain"Espace Pierre Cardin. Paris, France, 2015.

  • "Salon des Arts Visuels". Paris, France, 2015.

  • "Vue d'en haut"Galerie Numéro 1. Paris, France, 2015.

  • "Onirique Reverie"; Galerie Numéro 1. Paris, France, 2015.

  • "Les Toiles de Juin"Galerie Thuillier. Paris, France, 2014.


Articles and publications


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